AnthropologieExciting news here at Blenheim Press—starting in May, Anthropologie, the national chain of clothing and lifestyle stores, will carry The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook! I’m delighted to have this new opportunity to get out the eating-in-season message.

AsparagusYou know it’s spring when the markets overflow with plump fava beans, extra-sweet asparagus, and mellow green garlic. In the May issue of Bon Appétit, you’ll find the second installment of my year-long pullout Seasonal Produce Guide with tips on why to try and how to choose and store the season’s top ten favorites. Closer to home, I was delighted to have Danielle Berrin of The Jewish Journal accompany me on my weekly visit to the market; her lovely article ran in the Passover issue (April 11, 2008).