Farmers' MarketBecause of your wonderful support, The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook made some spectacular lists in 2008, including Boston Weddings’ cookbook picks for brides and Cook’s Library’s best sellers (alongside A Day at El BulliCountry Cooking of France, and Sunday Suppers at Lucques!). Thank you!

Here’s a (not so) radical concept: shopping at, and cooking from, local farmers’ markets is a grassroots stimulus plan. Think about it. Family farmers raise the tastiest, healthiest vegetables, fruits, and meats. We buy directly from the growers, in effect creating jobs and boosting local economies. In return, we get incredible value-for-dollar and the gift of simple pleasures to comfort us through tough times. Economic stimulus? Farmers call it sustainability. I call it delicious.

And to think, President Obama’s historic inauguration was only a few short weeks ago. How did you mark the moment? I was inspired to make a Red-White-and-Blue-Potato Frittata and invite friends over to watch the ceremony. You’ll find the recipe on the KCRW “Good Food” blog.

In other news, I’m happy to report that EAT: Los Angeles (Prospect Park Books, 2008) is selling like hotcakes, with new food finds posted regularly at And, I’ve joined Facebook! Please visit my profile and send me a friend request.

For all y’all down in Austin, TX, check out opening in March. Chef-owners Jessica and Rodolfo Buonocore (full disclosure: my daughter and son-in-law) offer up such seasonal, stylish comfort food as morning pastries, savory tarts and empanadas, and innovative sandwiches and salads. They’ll also continue their popular weekly dinner delivery service. I’ll be there during opening week to help out, so come say hi.