By the looks of the photo above, you might think I spent this week frolicking through garden and market with my wicker basket. While it’s true that this was yesterday’s market haul for a cooking class and luncheon for my Garden School Foundation pals who “bought” me at a benefit auction, it’s only a piece of the story.

Here’s the rest of the tale:

Can you relate? Amongst other desky and writing projects, I’ve been working hard on state legislative policy for farmers’ markets. Put this way, it sounds important–and it is–but the reality feels more like game addiction or strategic game theory. I never thought of myself as a chess player, and I never liked playing “Risk,” but when it comes to advocating for family farms and public trust, I can’t keep away from poring over bill changes and trying to parse their meaning.

But enough about me, how did your week go?

P.S. I’ll post pix from the class on Facebook later today.